PromoteIt.Online | Spotify and YouTube Advertising Campaigns for Independent Musicians and Artists
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What Do You Need to Promote?

Choose one of the following options

Take your single to thousands of music enthusiasts by getting more listeners and fans on Spotify.

    • Advertising service for 1 week
    • Get more than 5,000 listeners
    • Be heard in more than 60 countries

Reach new fans on Spotify with all your album or EP regardless of the number of tracks it has.

    • Advertising service for 2 weeks
    • Get more than 15,000 listeners
    • Be heard in more than 60 countries

We broadcast your music video to fans who will likely share to it helping you get more seen.

    • Advertising service for 1 week
    • Get more than 5,000 viewers
    • Be seen in more than 60 countries

Get Listened,

You Deserve It

Advertise your music with our extensive network, get your songs in the best Spotify and YouTube Playlist while we promote it with our mailing list and Facebook Ads.

How Does It Work?

These are the steps we take to make your campaign a success

Song Analysis

We will listen to your tracks and review your online presence as an artist.

Strategy Development

We will choose our broadcast channels (playlists and blogs) that best suit your material.

Campaign Launch

We will promote your track with Facebook Ads and send a newsletter to our subscribers.

Campaign Monitoring

We closely review the activity of your campaign, analyzing the new listeners you get.

Campaign Optimization

We will focus your campaign according to the audience that has the best response.

Achieving Goals

Your campaign will be completed once we meet the established goals.

* We activate your advertising campaign in less than 48 hours!



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